5 Reasons Why You Should Clap For Others

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Have you ever had a

why-not-me” moment? ??

You know that awkward, vulnerable moment of jealousy or self-pity that settles in after seeing or hearing beautiful things happening in the lives of others around YOU.

Your classmate passed her board exam.

Your best friend just got engaged.

Your colleague received a huge promotion.

Your former teammate announced “a baby is coming” on Facebook.

Sounds familiar RIGHT?

I can not remember how. 👏🏾many. 👏🏾times👏🏾. in MY life I’ve had these “why-not-me” moments.

I would often find myself in my feelings during these seasons of waiting, especially in my mid-twenties

Waiting to get accepted to a graduate program..

Waiting for a job offer..

Waiting for “THE one.”👀

For a while, I kinda thought that God had KINDA forgotten about ME.

I was now finding myself getting easily discouraged. I felt like if I didn’t meet a certain goal at a certain age, then I was somewhat behind in life. And that made me start to feel like a failure.

Also, seeing other people reach their goals before ME really didn’t help EITHER.

I began feeling as if I would never get through the hard knocks of life.

I would often put alot of energy into masking these feelings with a fake smile.. not knowing that I was constantly measuring my timeline with someone else’s destiny.

I was doing nothing other than setting myself up for failure.

“Everyone is walking in a different season. Just because it hasn’t happened for YOU yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen”.

Now, I just happen to fall into this comparison trap.

BUT..after some time of self-reflection, I realized that no matter what age I am at when I reach that certain goal.. well, it’s still an achievement.

God has a specific plan designed for each and every one of us. And even though it may look impossible, He is still working behind the scenes to position US in a place OF favor.

When I was tempted to fall into the sudden trap of jealousy and self-pity, I learned to look at situations in a different light.

Even when the comparison monster would try to crawl his way into my mind every now and then.

My plan was to remain grounded and be grateful in every SEASON that I was in. That way, I would not miss out on what God was really doing in my life.

The more I started clapping for others, the more I started to see God do AMAZING things.

5 Reasons Why You Should Clap for Other People’s Wins

  1. YOU don’t want to block your own blessings.
Being envious or jealous or just simply comparing yourself to others is a recipe for failure. It causes you to miss out on what God really has for YOU.

2. There’s room for ALL of us to shine.

So KNOW that your TIME will come! Just like the sun and moon, they SHINE when it’s their time.

3. It inspires YOU.

Their success may just be the drive and. motivation you need to take the first step towards success.

4. It boosts YOUR self-confidence.

Now everyone’s success story is different, but just seeing that someone else has made it to the finish line, gives YOU hope knowing that YOU CAN DO IT too.

5. It humbles YOU.

Embrace YØUR waiting period. Use that time to prepare for what you’ve been waiting for.

“Having to WAIT for something makes it even better when it finally happens.”


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-Yolanda J🧡

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