In Life There Is So Much to Learn From

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Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself what life is teaching you when a particular situation happens unexpectedly???

Well, LIFE is always trying to teach us something.

I can remember a time when I had just finished purchasing a few items from the self-checkout lane at Walmart, and then BOOM: the security alarm goes off as I was walking out the door.

Hunny, let’s talk about EMBARASSED!

I became bothered the minute people were giving me the side-eye as if I had done something WRONG!

“Why the h*** is this alarm going off?” I muttered under my breath.

I knew my stuff had been paid for, so I was sure I had done nothing wrong. There was simply nothing to worry about.

ONE I was NOT shoplifting.


TWO I had my receipt.🧾

The greeter quickly approached me, and I handed her my receipt with no hesitation. Once she observed my bags and cross-checked my receipt, I was good to go; FINALLY!

“I can’t believe I was about to throw this little piece of paper away”, I thought.

Honestly, I’m terrible with receipts. I’m usually misplacing or throwing them away, which is why I usually opt for paperless receipts via email.

But of course you know with Wally World, THAT wasn’t an OPTION. 🤷🏾‍♀️

There’s no telling how this story would have turned out if I didn’t have my RECEIPT.

Every day in life there is something to LĒARN.

After days had passed, I kept thinking about what had happened in Walmart that day. I felt as if God was trying to show me something, which He actually had.

I had discovered that God’s promises are just like the receipt that I needed to show proof of purchase that day. And just like THAT receipt didn’t fail me, God will never fail me either, and nor does His promises.

His promises will always come through for us. They can guarantee to provide us comfort, peace, protection, strength, and everything else that WE NEED to persevere through each day.

EVEN through the struggles, doubts, and griefs that we encounter in life, God still remains faithful to His word.

So, the next time you encounter a situation that brings trouble, and it seems like there is no way out.

Don’t fret.

Just grab your receipt, and grip it tight!

God works best when we allow Him to take control. And most importantly, He appreciates when we Trust Him to show us a way out.


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-Yolanda J🧡

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