New Year, Better You…Start Now, Don’t Wait



New YEAR, New ME ”,

Inserts Year” will be my year.

These are some of the common phrases that we see each year flooding across our social media newsfeed, especially when the year is coming an end.

For some of US, a new year implies another opportunity to start FRESH and for others, it’s just a different date. Many people wait for the new year to begin their unrealistic, and short-lived New Year Resolutions, especially without having a new insight or perspective. WE promise to..

•Workout more

•Eat healthy

•Learn a new skill

•Quit smoking/drinking

And Even

•Save more money.

We find ourselves doing good for the first couple of weeks, but then the fall off occurs, and WELL.. WE’RE back to square ONE .

Now, there’s always room for us to improve and grow for the better||ment of our FUTURE, BUT…if resolutions come without actions, nothing seems to happen.

A plan WITHOUT action is a plan to fail.

Many times, New Year Resolutions are short-lived simply because bad habits are carried over from the previous year and there was not enough preparation, motivation, discipline, patience, and determination during the process that was needed to keep going.

Trust me I know, because I used to be that person who was always making resolutions year after year only to find out that nothing really changed.


It was only a matter of time that I realized that enough ||was|| enough and that I didn’t need to wait for a new year to begin.

It was time to put my own needs first and to start treating myself without guilt.

It was time for me to put my pride to the side and ASK for HELP and allow myself to receive support.

It was TIME for me to STOP WAITING and START NOW.



I became desperately ready for change in order to see new results manifest. I began making small, necessary changes to ||break|| bad habits so that I could form new habits. I was determined to work consistently towards my goals.

One goal was to spend more time reading my bible. So, I started by reading one chapter. Eventually, I started reading more overtime.

Another ONE of my goals was to work out more. So, YES.. you guessed it. I began increasing the frequency from a 3 day workout to 5 days a week.

You see, sometimes the only action YOU need is to START NOW and take small baby steps. As your movement continues, you will find yourself gradually working your way UP to the TOP.

Nah chile, it won’t be easy, but the key is to strive for PROGRESSION, not PERFECTION.

Slow progress is indeed better than no progress.

And.. with the new year quickly approaching upon us, NOW is definitely the perfect time to begin working towards your goals/resolutions so that 2020 can definitely be your year of BIGGER and BETTER results.


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  1. So true this just made me want to be more accountable. Thanks for sharing.

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