You Didn’t Get It, Yet



Do you ever feel like YOUR BEST is not GOOD ENOUGH?

And no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to be going right.

YOU didn’t get the big promotion that your boss promised you

YOU didn’t get the offer on the house that you wanted

YOU didn’t get the job that you thought you were suitable for

YOU didn’t get accepted into the program

YOU didn’t pass your certification exam

Whatever you’re dealing with,

YOU are not alone.

It CAN BE discouraging as we often find ourselves feeling disappointed, angry, and frustrated..


EVENTUALLY, negative thoughts are racing through our minds and we begin to question our abilities.

WE are OUR worst critics.

That’s what.

TRUTH is: THE disappointments, rejections, failures, and setbacks are all inevitable and a part of LIFE.

How we CHOOSE to deal with these are key. πŸ—

Now, it’s natural to feel disappointed, angry or frustrated,







BUT.. give yourself permission to feel these emotions.

Numbing them, ONLY prolongs the process.

Now.. once you get ALL of those feelings out of the way, you’ll be ready to push the reset button with confidence.








Let me SHARE my testimony real quick.

I REMEMBER vividly in the spring of my sophomore year in high school, I decided to try out for majorette. After learning that I did not make the line that year, I was devastated.

It took some TIME to get over this hurdle, but after talking to some former majorettes and advisors who had similar experiences, I felt like the weight of the world was LIFTED from my shoulders.

I decided that I was NOT going to give up.

I was going to MAKE the line.

I took lessons and practiced ALL year to prepare myself for the next spring try outs.

And before I knew it I had the basic skills from FIGURE-8 , thumb toss, ONE -spin, TWO -spin, and HORIZONTAL toss down pat! This boosted my self-confidence, and prepared me mentally for the BIG DAY.










Surprisingly, my HARD WORK paid off, and I made the line that day.

The key to my success was PRACTICE.πŸ—


YOU may NOT have that position, promotion, dream house, income or acceptance letter, YET.

But if you keep the right mindset you CAN and you WILL!

Just keep WORKING towards the goal to win the prize.










Soon, you’ll find YOUR||SELF better equipped for the ROAD ahead!



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Yolanda J 🧑

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  1. WOW….😳 Intimate writing! This is really good stuff. Yolanda J writing in this piece, carried me a gambit of emotions, a chess β™Ÿ game of thoughts rushed through my mind as I was reading. Done were painful, others were yeah, I can identify with that event in my life too when things did not go my way. ALS, I can identify with the good things that are taking place; however, it has not been and easy journey. I am encouraged β€ΌοΈπŸ’―

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