If You’re Quarantined, Here’s What To Do

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You had to CHANGE your birthday plans.

You’ve been BINGE eating on all the quarantine snacks.

You had to POSTPONE your upcoming beach trip.

You had to FIND a baby sitter.

Your spinning and Zumba classes are currently CANCELLED .

Your job is SHUT DOWN for two weeks.

Your favorite sport to WATCH is cancelled.

Whatever it is, your current situation has definitely been filled with  SUDDEN interruptions and unexpected events. These SITUATIONSHIPS are currently leaving many people in panic MODE and they are simply CLUELESS on what to do.

While we are experiencing a difficult and unprecedented time as the corona-virus  (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve rapidly each day, it’s so EASY to lose sight of our BLESSINGS and complain about the things that we don’t have.

Well, there are some things that we DO have as well as things WE CAN DO.

But have WE stopped and taken the time to think about how DISTRACTED and busy we’ve been lately with our day to day lives?

Many times we tend to be too busy and too distracted from things that are taking away our TIME and unDIVIDED attention.

We eventually lose our sense of direction and miss out on opportunities in life.

Since many of us are QUARANTINED and practicing “social distancing”, now is the time to rekindle an old friendship, work on your goals, master your craft, regroup your THOUGHTS, and SHARPEN your FOCUS on the things that are truly important.

IT’S TIME to catch up on ALL the things you NEVER got around to DOING.

Sure, the idea of being self-quarantined and social distancing for an extended period of time SOUNDS tired-some for many. But make the MOST of this down time. Let’s learn to enjoy the little things that we often take for granted, because ONE day you’ll look back and see that they were BIG things all along.

Whether you are by YOURSELF or with your family, here’s a LIST of things TO DO during this time of crisis:

  1. GO on a virtual tour of theme parks and museums.untitled design
  2. READ that book that you keep putting off.                                                           img_3514
  3. LEARN and cook “NEW” recipes.                                  untitled design-3
  4. GO for a run/walk in the neighborhood.                          untitled design-1
  5. CALL an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while.                             untitled design-6
  6. BRING out the cards and board games.                                       untitled design
  7. GRAB some popcorn and BINGE watch TV shows and movies.img_3526
  8. TAKE a break from social media.                                                                                              img_3521
  9. UNPLUG the TV and LISTEN to a good podcast.                                                                     untitled design-5
  10. It’s okay to be bored, because this is how you TAP into your CREATIVITY.untitled design
  11. START on a DIY project.                                                 img_3523
  12. START a fitness challenge.                                                                                             untitled design-2
  13. LEARN a (NEW) skill.                                                                                                                  img_3525
  14. ORGANIZE something around the house.                                                                              untitled design-2
  15. PLAY video games.                                                                                                                     untitled design-4

And Last BUT NOT LEAST YOU guys,

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE, think smart, and BE safe! And REMEMBER

“This TOO shall PASS.”

“Walking in My Purpose on Purpose

-Yolanda J 🧡

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