The Only Way to Go Is Up

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Life is full of challenges, and we ALL tend to RESPOND and SEE them differently.

Scenario 1: Maybe you’ve recently been affected by the pandemic outbreak, and just lost a significant amount of income. You are NOW struggling to make ends meet.

Scenario 2: You could be coping with the loss of a close relative or friend. This can even include dealing with a break up, and from there, depression STARTS to SEEP IN. Whatever it is, there’s very little to no preparation done for these surprising, yet inevitable moments.

And in the midst of “ALL” of these unexpected events, you BEGIN this frustrating process filled with overwhelming EMOTIONS.



Yea, those things. Some like them, and some despise them. They can compare to the annoying person who asks you 50 million questions.

They usually make YOU feel stuck, unWANTED, bro||ken, tired, HOPE<LESS, and DEFEATED. But many times, YOU just really can’t put your finger on how you really FEEL.

Society will make you believe the illusion that you have to ALWAYS be happy, but honestly it’s okay to feel like you’re not OKAY sometimes.

“You have to ALLOW YOURSELF to feel how you feel.”

Way TOO often, we hear people tell us to “STAY STRONG.” But its REALLY hard to stay strong, especially when our situations seems too much to bear at times.

Here’s the TRUTH, life can be tough at times even when you THINK you have everything figured out.

Sometimes it may feel like your situation will NEVER END and everything, I MEAN EVErYTHING, keeps falling a part.


EVENTUALLY, things will soon fall in the right place..

As they should.

It may feel like EEEE|VERY|BODY is waiting to see you fail.

BUT let theeeem.

And if you fail..

“DON’T be afraid to TRY again.

WITH SUCCESS, comes repeated hardships, cycling lessons, and self-£ESS sacrifices.

It Even SEEMS LIKE your supporters are nowhere to be found, ESPECIALLY when you need them the most.

Ever heard the song, “Encourage Yourself?”

Sometimes you have to do JUST THAT.

LIVE this ONE life for YOU.

It’s YOU who needs to BE HAPPY, NOT them.

YOU know, life has thrown me MANY curveballs, dealing with personal matters that led to TRUST and self-esteem issues. But I’ve learned to keep swinging no matter what comes at me.


I don’t have ALL OF THE ANSWERS, just some of them. I’VE LIVED long enough to know that it’s only up to me to decide how I am going to BOUNCE BACK from rock bottom.



WE wouldn’t have half of the relationships, opportunities, or things we have now if someone decided their idea, invention, or VISION wasn’t worth pursuing any longer.

Someone DECIDED to keep GOING until they could see the LIGHT.💡


Be resilient.

HAVE patience.


Believe that YOU can have everything that LIFE has to offer.

These challenges that you see as OBSTACL€S are simply just NEW opportunities ready to GROW and TRANSFORM YOU.

Here ARE a few things that helped me bounced back. Maybe they CAN help you TOO:

  1. Pray for DISCERNMENT and direction. This is an important time to ASK God what he wants you to learn. I mean, GOD is always there with YOU.
  2. Have a list of BATTL€ verses on deck. There MAY be times when you need QUICK UPLIFTING MESSAGES from the bible to help keep you going. Here’s a LIST I created of Bible Verses for Reassurance.
  3. Talk to a TRUSTED confidant. Sharing your concerns with someone YOU TRUST will help remove some weight from your shoulders. You’ll discover that you are not ALONE.
  4. Find your RESILIENCE. Use the INNER strength that is located inside of YOU to power through your problem. Once you find your resilience, keep building it. Then, you’ll learn to find the silver lining in ANYTHING.
  5. “LOOK” at your hardships as learned experiences. This is a time when perseverance and character are BUILT. You WILL come out stronger, BETTER, and experience the New person within YOU, you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

“Walking in My Purpose on Purpose

-Yolanda J 🧡

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