Appreciate the PRESENT


Have YOU||Ever NOTICED that when you rush through something, it often turns into a MOMENT you wished had NEVER happened?


When you just happened to RUSH into a new RELATIONSHIP too soon…and now..

Well, you’re SINGLE.


Then, there was this time YOU||Rushed THROUGH your essay assignment and didn’t RECEIVE the grade YOU’D HOPED for.

Hmmm…let’s see.

What else?

YOU Rushed to find a new job…NOW you’re no longer happy with it.

YOU hurried from POINT A to POINT B…and now YOU have 99 more problems.

The list goes on..

I mean, I remember not too long ago paying FULL PRICE for an item I really wanted.

And now it’s on SALE.

My next thought was to return the item and purchase it AGAIN for the sale price.

I Know I’m not the only ONE..

Now, I can’t say that I’ve mastered the art of waiting,


IF we are really being honest, nobody likes to WAIT. We want every thing right now and at our fingertips.

And if it doesn’t WORK in our FAVOR, we begin to complain and find a way to create shortcuts. This helps us AVOID waiting for too long. We don’t EVEN realize the trouble that we are BOUND to face DOWN THE ROAD.

BOTTOM LINE: when we rush through things, the OUTCOME is almost never pretty.

We tend to MISS OUT on some of the most “important things” along the way like…


THE LESSONS, and OPPORTUNITIES that strengthen and DEVELOP our character.

FOCUSING on the next big thing never really gives us that time to process OUR CURRENT situation.

Living in a WORLD that is full of instant gratification makes it even more difficult to wait. So, it’s EASY to feel annoyed, pressured, or anxious about being left behind.

We just have to learn to slow||down, STOP RUSHING, and enjoy where we are in the PRESENT moment.

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“Appreciate where YOU are in your journey, even if it’s NOT where you want to BE. Every season serves a purpose.”

– Unknown

When we don’t MEET our anticipated deadlines, it’s normal to lose patience and grow tired of waiting for things to happen.

But waiting is designed to BE hard and frustrating at times, especially when our future is UNCERTAIN.

WHILE WE ARE TEMPTED to rush ahead of God’s timing and make our OWN moves, itโ€™s in the seasons of waiting when we receive the GREATEST things that God has to offer.

At times, I find myself moving ahead of God’s timing only to sadly find out it WASN’T MY TIME. But I’m learning that it is always better to not only wait but to wait “actively” and “expectantly” for his DIRECTION .

many are the plans in a persons heart but it is the lords purpose that prevails.

Let me head on OVER TO GOD’S WORD and give you an example of why we SHOULDN’T rush ahead of God’s timing.

Do you REMEMBER the famous story of Abraham and Sarah from the bible?

God promised Abraham and Sarah that he would give them a son, and he would have DESCENDANTS as vast as the stars.

Abraham and Sarah WANTED to have children, but they were unable to conceive.

Like many of us, Sarah GOT tired of waiting and of course she rushed ahead of God’s timing. She told Abraham to SLEEP WITH THEIR SERVANT HAGAR so that they could have a son (Ishmael).

This is when we have reached DESPERATION MODE.

So, Abraham does just that and ends up suffering the consequences for their actions for MANNNY years.

Not quite the Lifetime movie, but close.

Now, EVENTUALLY, Sarah and Abraham received their promised son, Isaac.

You SEE, even though it took what seemed like a lifetime for Abraham and Sarah to receive their promise child, God |STILL| did what he promised.

So rest assured that if He did this for them, HE CAN AND WILL DO THE SAME for YOU and I.

It may take 3 years, 5 years, or MAYBE even longer to RECEIVE what our heart desires so much, but through it ALL, WE must learn to wait ACTIVELY and BELIEVE that where we are in our life at THIS VERY MOMENT, is the very PLACE we are supposed to BE.

โ€œWalking in My Purpose on Purposeโ€

-Yolanda J ๐Ÿงก

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