2020 Isn’t Cancelled

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2020 has most certainly been a CHALLENGING year like no other…

THIS YEAR alone has brought alot of discomfort, pain, and loss. However, this year will be a year of great REVOLUTION.

We as people are experiencing many spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial shifts that are shaping our planet daily. And now, almost half way through the year, we are ANXIOUSLY awaiting WHAT’S NEXT.

WE started off 2020 with the death of an iconic basketball player, Kobe Bryant, and then we moved right into a DEVASTATING public health crisis we are still facing today. In the midst of COVID-19, police brutality is ONCE AGAIN the topic of discussion AND continues to uncover the alleged racial injustices in America.

As we watch tons of FOOTAGE on protesting and rioting that link to more and MORE police injustices, it may simply start feel like we just CAN’T CATCH A BREAK.

I mean, the past five months have been life altering. And now you may be thinking 2020 is CANCELLING out everything. But have you stopped to ask yourself what the year has been teaching YOU?

“2020 has been such a TRYING TIME, but COULD this MAYBE be the year of a planetary AWAKENING.”

Well… so far in 2020, there have been some valuable lessons that I don’t believe I will forget any time soon. One is being more mindful of how much I complain and FOCUSING more ON BEING grateful for the things that many of us often take for granted like OUR





I would often find myself complaining about the SMALLEST THINGS like going to work. But, then I quickly realized that some people weren’t able to PROVIDE for themselves or their families due to the ongoing public health crisis.

“It was time for me to slow down and APPRECIATE WHAT IS ALREADY GOOD in my life, because many people don’t have these simple, yet basic things.”

Could it be that 2020 is teaching you how to TRUST in only God?

Could it be that 2020 is teaching you WAIT patiently for God’s perfect timing?

Could it be that 2020 is teaching you how to LOVE others?

Could it be that 2020 is teaching you to MOVE OUT of YOUR COMFORT ZONE?

Whatever it is, it’s definitely a reminder that God is with YOU and HE is in total CONTROL of the Collective. So, 2020 may have cancelled some of your plans, but it surely hasn’t cancelled God’s plans for your life.

SO, KEEP SEEKING. KEEP REFLECTING. BUT mostly importantly, KEEP PRAYING. You don’t have to CANCEL OUT your DREAMS. Keep your Vision ALIVE & KEEP making steps towards them.


“Walking in MY PURPOSE On Purpose”

Yolanda J ๐Ÿงก

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