Celebrate Yourself Because It Matters


We all have GOALS and DREAMS that we want to accomplish in this lifetime.

Whatever they ARE, they usually give us the HOPE and AMBITION that we NEED to look forward into OUR FUTURE

But ask yourself…

When was the last time YOU stopped to reflect on the successes you’ve just accomplished and CELEBRATED them?

I often would accomplish ONE or TWO goals, then IMMEDIATELY start looking into WHAT’S NEXT. Ultimately, FAST-forwarding into EVEN MORE GOALS, never stopping to tell myself great job for what I just executed.

Celebrating myself is something that I have not ALWAYS done. I tend to move on torwards my next goal without even thinking to PAUSE & REFLECT on the goals that I’ve JUST accomplished. And many times I have to just remind myself to PAUSE Hunny and say…

“You did THAT!”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a SELF-DRIVEN and GOAL-ORIENTED type of person. I’m constantly TRYING to push myself to the limit to see what I’m capable of doing.

Honestly, I’ve never really understood the SIGNIFICANCE of congratulating myself until I began my journey as a blogger.

Throughout my journey, I’ve had MANY DAYS when I wanted to quit, mainly because I felt like I wasn’t meeting MY HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

When I was down, I was DOWN…

I was constantly feeding myself DOUBT and CRITICISM, which caused me to be blinded by the things that I had already accomplished. BUT GOD reminded me to BE PATIENT WITH MYSELF just as He was patient with me. These tests are simply a part of my testimony, which makes my journey even SWEETER.

And of course I know it’s easy to get wrapped up in our EVERY DAY ACTIVITIES and focus MORE on the END GOAL rather than what needs to be done to get there.

But NOT celebrating your accomplishments IN || BETWEEN successes ONLY adds more stress and frustration in my opinion.

“Celebrating YOUR SMALL WINS often leads to big successes. FROM THERE, YOU start to CREATE a healthier mindset. One that ACCEPTS your small goals as making STEADY PROGRESS within your VISION.”

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I’TS NOT ALWAYS EASY, but sometimes looking back at the things that you have accomplished, makes everything ALL worth while.

No matter how BIG or SMALL the success, GO AHEAD & give yourself the credit you deserve. As Joel Osteen says, “If you don’t celebrate YOU, no one else will.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have some work to do. BUT I’m continuing to learn to celebrate my victories, EVEN THE SMALLER ones along the way. The MORE I learn to ENCOURAGE MYSELF, the MORE I begin to appreciate the VALUE within my WORK.


So, Remind yourself TODAY HOW AWESOME YOU ARE. AND IF YOU WON’T, I will.


“For God is WORKING IN YOU, giving you the DESIRE and the POWER TO DO WHAT PLEASES HIM.”
-Philippians 2:13 NLT🧡

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  1. Great post!! We usually place too much emphasis and attention on the end goal, that we often neglect the small wins along the way. This needs to change, we have to commit ourselves to celebrate all the time even the small successes and/or blessings. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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