Stuck In a Rut?


Anybody feel like they are STUCK in a rut CURRENTLY?•?••

SAY I. 🤚🏽

Just trying to get through ANOTHER day right? ESPEEECIALLY now with all the limitations and RESTRICTIONSCOVID-19” has brought in. You are probably just plain OVER IT by now.

MASK & ALL Chile..

Recently, I’ve been constantly doing a 360° and it just seems like I’m back to ⬛ one.

Ya’ll know when “something” is MISSING, & you just can’t figure it out. That’s the feeling that’s COMING through.

NOW.. I’m questioning what I really should be doing, and REEALLY… just how I’m gone MAKE IT. Ya’ll with me?


Life can’t continue to just be a BLAH.

I didn’t EVEN see this rut coming yall. But it’s here and what do I do about it???•

“Life is about CHANGE. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both.”


It’s definitely time for a change though. My life needs EXTRAORDINARY shift of PEACE&BALANCE right now.


But the reality IS, I am too distracted to even FOCUS on what’s really important. Now.. you know we can get caught up in societal expectations, constantly looking at what others are doing, and telling ourselves that we are suppose to be doing the SAME.


I guess I was thinking that if I was meeting the expectations of “THE||NORM” that life would get better, but to BE HONEST, I’m growing even more  frustrated.

Now.. it’s FINALLY HITTING me.

I’m NOT living for Me👈🏽!



I gotta put a HALT TO THAT.🤚🏽


Finally, I’m choosing to take ACTION.

I’m going to take a STEP BACK & re-evaluate myself and my direction.

I have to FOCUS on removing myself from ANYTHING that is draining too much of ME.

Go on na.

Yall.. I’m so EAGER to EXPLORE more of my purpose.. MY GOD GIVEN purpose.

This is going to take quality time alone With-self, reading the word, meditating, and PRAYING DAILY. And throughout the process I know I’ll learn why my purpose is so much bigger than I KNOW

To me, WALKING in your PURPOSE is about using your unique skills, talents, and passions to give the GIFT OF serving others; helping to RESTORE a BETTER YOU.

My PURPOSE in life is an ongoing journey.. And that is to strive EACH DAY to BE ALL that I was CREATED TO BE.

Giving others the gift of encouragement is my biggest passion honestly.. BECAUSE there is no greater feeling than knowing I am doing SOMETHING TO HELP & motivate someone.

I’m at my JOYous place when I’m CONSTANTLY making a difference in the lives of others AROUND me.

When I receive feedback from people who say they were uplifted, inspired, & ENLIGHTENED by my service, THAT just gives me more & more reasons to KEEP GOING.

Once we CAN GRASP that our PURPOSE is more than just US, we will #START doing more things that make ourselves proud to #BE.

And that’s having a fulfilling LIFE being JUST WHO YOU ARE CALLED to BE. 

Be your AUTHENTIC self.

So.. If you are on this PATH TO EXPLORING your purpose with me, REMAIN ENCOURAGED.

Soon, IT will be revealed to you JUST at the RIGHT MOMENT to get you OUT of THAT RUT you are IN.


  -Yolanda J🧡

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  1. LOVE THIS AS ALWAYS!! You are definitely an inspiration and a joy to be around! You definitely make a difference in the lives of others❤️💯

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