Self-Care Starts from Within

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The most WIDELY talked about topic among social media platforms.

We’ve been told COUNTLESS TIMES that self-care is the best care and that it SHOULD be a priority. But how many of us are actually making time to prioritize it into our lives?

  SELF-CARE isn’t something that I’ve always practiced righteously. And even though I get manis and pedis from time to time and EXERCISE regularly, I still find myself back at square ONE.

You know how it is..trying to find the right balance BE|TWEEN work and LIVING. Yea, I mean.. a woman’s got to PROTECT her sanity RIGHT??

Here’s the RUN DOWN.

So, I’ve been literally checking things off my to do list CONSTANTLY!

I am usually doing anything from driving from here to there trying to get errands done, OR caring and helping out with someone elses needs DAY☀️ & NIGHT 🌙. I KNOW that taking care of my MENTAL and EMOTIONAL health is important, but that’s NOT the ISSUE unfortunately.

The TRUTH IS, I just don’t know how to prioritize self-care without FEELING the GUILT.

You Feel me..

Recently a friend told me, “Girl…you’ve got to do SOME THINGS for YOURSELF some time . You can’t just pour from a half empty cup!”

And She was RIGHT. This made me realize that I was IGNORING my own feelings and my cup was indeed running on E

I think TOO often I’m in my SUPERWOMAN mentality & get so caught up in trying to attend to the needs of others. I feel like I MUST ALWAYS get things done, usually taking on a MILLION DIFFERENT THINGS AT ONCE.


In the midst of all this, I forget to PAUSE and REPLENISH MYSELF in the process. Before I know it, I’m completely overwhelmed and #SuperBurnedOUT.

Yall, it’s DEFINITELY TIME to break this habit before it breaks ME.

Currently, I’m realizing that I need to make self-care more of a PRIORITY in my life. I have to get in the habit of practicing IT more often. SELF-CARE is MORE than just exercising and pampering OURSELVES. It’s about digging deeper to take care of OUR NEEDS.  That includes respecting ourselves, setting some boundaries & LIMITS, and remembering to take some time off to do what makes US HAPPY.


It’s OK to say “NO” often, and CHOOSE to rest. Self-care isn’t SELF|ISH, although that’s what we’ve been taught.. it’s SELF|LESS. You can’t keep pouring into the needs of others without first filling up YOUR|SELF.

“GIVE YOURSELF the same CARE and attention that you GIVE to others and watch yourself BLOOM. 🌻 – Anonymous

“Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE”

Yolanda J🧡

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