Embrace the Season that You Are Currently In



Have you ever thought about it’s MEANING???


Let me tell a little bit about what I KNOW..

So, during the fall months, our GROWING CYCLE allegedly gives us our “RIPENESS” and “MATURITY.”

Which means we are PREPARING ourselves for what is to come after our OLD systems die.. (WINTER)❄

If we PAY close ATTENTION, fall brings in all the things we need for the winter months, assuring us that once winter is over, we start fresh, equipped, and rejuvenated for the blossoming of what we call Spring. And once we blossom.. well you KNOW..

We SHINE.β˜€οΈ (Summer)

All day EVERY day..

So, HOLD ON on and don’t get DISCOURAGED. There is so much to look forward to.

Yea, I KNOW it’s hard to TRUST God and see the good things in life when all you go through is seasons of pain, doubt, & discomfort.

Yes.. UNCERTAINTY sucks, and its NEVER pretty. Your thoughts can start to consume you and you feel that there is no way out.. ESPECIALLY when the situations you face are beyond YOUR CONTROL.

Right now, I’m currently in a season of UNCERTAINTY.  I have days when I know that things are going to be alright, and then I have those days when I’m not QUITE sure HOW things WILL play out. Ya feel me..

There are also those days when I ATTEMPT to make a move before God’s consent, doing whatever I can to CHANGE the situation.


So, I Say ALL that to say..

EMBRACE the season that you are in Currently, for it is shaping you into the person you are CREATED to #BE.” – Yolanda J

Remain Grateful and KNOW your seasons are what you make THEM.

Just the other day I did some SELF-REFLECTING and writing in my gratitude journal. This daily practice helps me FOCUS|ONLY on the POSITIVE things in my life as I’m walking through a season of theUNKNOWN.

During this PROCESS, I was able to COUNT MY BLESSINGS. Yep.. those things that I talked about EARLIER.

All those blessings I have CURRENTLY that are going to help nurture and grow my mind, body, & SPIRIT and get ME through this season of not KNOWING what is to come.


So take a MOMENT and think about what YOU are grateful for in your life right now. There are SOOO many things you could say.

Here are a FEW of mine..

1. A roof over my head 🏠

3. A stable job πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

2. Food to eat πŸ”

4. Good health βš–

5. Loving family and friends πŸ«‚

“Don’t focus on how BIG your problem is, instead FOCUS on how BIG your God is.”- Joel Osteen

It can BE so easy to OVERLOOK even the smallest blessings when we are focusing on our problems. But no matter what season we are in, we MUST KNOW that God is in control, & He is still working behind the scenes to POSITION US in a place to RECEIVE FAVOR.

God WILL ALLOW ALL THINGS good and bad to WORK for OUR GOOD.🌈❀

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wishing you the best this season, and may you enjoy it with your loved ones.

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

Yolanda J 🧑

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