7 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

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Christmas is JUST 3 days away, & I thought it WOULD BE fitting to share the reasons why it’s my FAVORITE holiday. IT SEEMS LIKE no matter how old I get, I always enjoy the festivities centered AROUND this time of year!

COUNTING down the days until Christmas Day gives me a rush that I can’t EXPLAIN. And to Be honest, I don’t get this rush with any other holiday! !

Nope. Just this ONE.

So, first up on the LIST is..

(☝🏽) The Christmas decorations and lights

Something about IT JUST evokes my old childhood memories. There’s nothing like seeing brightly-lit Christmas trees and driving through the city and neighborhoods to see these MAGICAL light displays.

(Two) The spread of CHEERY vibes

Everyone seems to be a little more JOLLY and filled with holiday cheer…well, unless you’re the GRINCH.

Who ME???

(3) WRAPPING Gifts🎁

Wrapping gifts has ALWAYS been something I’ve enjoyed doing. Not ONLY because it gives the tree a more stunning look when wrapped BEAUTIFULLY and placed underneath the tree, but because of the ANTICIPATION it creates for Christmas Day!!πŸŽ„

Hell Yeah..I DID THAT!

(4️⃣) Watching ENDLESS Christmas movies πŸ“Ί

I NEVER get tired of watching Christmas movies ALL day long while wrapped up in my comfy blanket. ALL TIME FAVORITEHome Alone!

(Cinco) Listening to CLASSIC Christmas songs

Seems like EVERY DAY I’m shuffling my playlist looking for #CLASSIC Christmas songs.


Listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

(SIX) Sending and RECEIVING Christmas cardsπŸ’Œ

Preparing MEMORABLE holiday greetings and updated family pictures are just another way I like to CONNECT with family and friends from afar.

Besides..what’s a HOLIDAY without Family & Friends??

A Greeting for YOU!πŸ˜‰

(Seven) Reconnecting with family & long-time childhood friends

There is no BETTER way to spend the holiday SEASON than to spend it with FAMILY & friends. New memories are created while OLD ones are reminisced..



While CHRISTMAS this year is CERTAINLY different, I hope your holiday is BRIGHT and MEANINGFUL.

And just REMEMBER.. the “real” REASON for THIS SEASON!⭐

Happy Holidays!!

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

Yolanda J 🧑

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