Introducing a New Blog Series


Whaaaat UP PEEPS 👋🏾




This SPECIAL series will feature twelve EXCEPTIONAL ladyprenuers who have started a total of 9 businesses. These women have taken SEVERAL👠👠👠 steps out of their comfort zones & have officially stepped into their CALLINGS.

This group of dedicated women started their OWN businesses in order to follow the dream they had ENVISIONED for themselves.

& THIS WALK has indeed become a fulfillment to their PURPOSE.

Embrace your SHINE

So, in honor of Women’s History Month, I want to shine a ||SPOTLIGHT 🔦||on their up and coming empires and accomplishments.

        Why?? Because being an ENTREPRENEUR isn’t easy and these ladies are DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST and taking those RISK.

AND might I say..they ARE SLAYING HUNNY!

When this idea of starting a NEW blog series about AMAZING entrepreneur women came about, I honestly did not believe I would get the feedback that I received from so many of them!

They ALL agreed to be a part of this series & participate in a short interview that would allow them to REFLECT back over BUILDING their businesses.

And might I also say… they were ALL so eager&excited to share their story…

The GOOD seasons🍃
    THE BAD seasons🍂
         & The UGLY seasons🥀

DURING THIS process, I have learned so much from these ladies & I BELIEVE you will too!   

SOME are afraid to TRY the unusual things & NOT EVERYONE has the courage to TRY them.


One thing I KNOW I can guarantee… IS that they will UPLIFT and encourage YOU to BECOME the best version of yourself and possibly take the Risks YOU might be thinking of taking.. & as a BONUS they MIGHT||EVEN help bring humor to it all.

So STAY TUNED for more updates and if you haven’t already… go ahead and hit that (S)U(B)S(C)R(I)B(E) button!🖱

You don’t want to MISS OUT on these INSPIRING STORIES of women who are CURRENTLY walking BOLDLY in their PURPOSE.

UP|COMING features include:

uno.         Joy
                 (Speak With Joy)

dos.         Janet
                (Carrie J, LLC)

tres.         Tiffany
                (Tiffaninicolle & Ilovemesomuch)

cuatro.   Staci & Ny
                (The Savvy Runway)

cinco.      Theodora
                (Hiatus Beauty)

seis.        Angela
                (Soul Food & Trap Music, LLC)

siete.      Yvonne
               (Start Now Success, LLC)

ocho.      Chante’& Ciara
               (Meet Me At The Bar)

nueve.   Dara & Ivory
                (Ebony & Ivory)


       👠👠👠ON PURPOSE👠👠👠

                   Yolanda J 🧡

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