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NO MATTER what outfit or style you’re going for, The Savvy Runway has you COVERED. On a BUDGET??? The Savvy Runway sales affordable apparel for ALL sizes. Through their online boutique, Staci & Ny are able to offer their customers AKA Savvy Babes, a large selection of seasonal clothing that may fit your style! Check out their leisure wear if you are looking to get active this summer!


YOLANDA J: So, let’s get started ladies! Tell us how The Savvy Runway started. Give us an outline of what events happened in order for your business to come to fruition.

Staci: The Savvy Runway started with a prayer. I prayed to God that I would stop procrastinating and put my plans into ACTION. I had been talking about opening a business for years and last year, I finally stepped out on faith and started my business.

Since, my older sister Ny has always been a great supporter of mine, I knew she would be the perfect business partner. I asked her to join me in starting a business and together we launched “The Savvy Runway November 2020.

I prayed to God that I would stop procrastinating and put my plans into ACTION.


YOLANDA J: Stepping out on FAITH is never easy but I’m so glad that you trusted God with your plans and took action! So, how did you all handle adversity and doubt? What were some challenging times you all faced when starting your business?

Staci: We faced adversity and doubt every single day but we are big believers so we pray daily for God to renew our strength and protect our minds. Some of the challenges we face everyday include: financing our dream, coordinating our careers and work schedules, and staying energized. Thankfully, we have each other and we play to our strengths. I am a great people person and I do a great job connecting with individuals regularly. I am also the main shopper for the store and the photographer. Ny handles all of the marketing (digital and print); as well as coordinating photoshoots and other logistics such as updating the website, etc.. Everything is done in house and we are all hands on deck. If we are ever feeling down about anything we have impromptu praise breaks and dance parties.

YOLANDA J: It’s great to have a STRONG support system! So ladies what motivated you all to keep going and stay the course?

Staci: Building financial freedom & creating a legacy for my family is what motivates me to keep going. Learning something new everyday is what helps me stay the course.


Ny: My drive and motivation stems from financial freedom and wanting to be my own boss; and hopefully early retirement. I want to build generational wealth for my family and I know that only comes from working for yourself.

YOLANDA J: So, where did your business ideas come from. Did you all have any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or advice for your business?

Ny: Staci’s original idea was to open a shoe store. However, the dream got bigger when I joined and we decided to open a boutique. Our biggest mentor is our mother. She was born to be an entrepreneur and installed the value of being your own boss into us. She is all business all the time and we are so thankful that we get our entrepreneurial spirit from her.

We don’t have a formal mentor but we definitely seek out other boss women who are successful in our industry and try to educate ourselves on what we can do to be better. That’s the goal everyday to be better than the day before!

That’s the goal everyday to be better than the day before.

YOLANDA J: Absolutely! So, when people ask you all what you do, do you tell them your title or do you tell them what you offer?

Staci: I usually tell them that I AM a small business owner and I own a boutique that brings feel good fashion to all body types. I love to talk fashion and I find ways to engage whomever I am talking and get them excited about our business.

Ny: This is a great question! Usually, I explain to people that I co-own an online retail store and do social media marketing and advertising for the business. We both wear some many different hats at The Savvy Runway so it’s hard to narrow it down. I believe we ALWAYS talk about how our clothes would be a great addition to our customers lives.

YOLANDA J: So, can you ladies tell us what do you all do on a daily basis to GROW as entrepreneurs & what are some things you can no longer do? What are some practices you all have in place that help The Savvy Runway grow?

Staci: EDUCATION; we educate ourselves on a daily basis! We want our business to grow. So that means we have to grow as individuals. Keeping up with the times and learning algorithms is one thing but we definitely use some “traditional” tactics to grow our business.

We educate ourselves on a daily basis! We want our business to grow. So that means we have to grow as individuals.


WORD of MOUTH is still a great way to promote our business. That’s why we pride ourselves on making sure we talk to people in real life and not just behind a camera. Getting people to SUPPORT us as individuals is our main priority.

Things we no longer can do is binge on Netflix or just have lazy days. Practices we included in our business include SCHEDULING. Ny keeps everything on a schedule and does a great job of staying on top of deadlines.

YOLANDA J: You’re right Staci! As small-business owners, we have A LOT on our plate so we definitely have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to grow and reap the rewards. So the next question that I have for you ladies is, what would be ONE piece of advice you would give yourself?

Staci: “I would tell myself that it’s a very long, hard road ahead and it takes up a lot of time. Although, I won’t see the fruits of my labor immediately but just stay focused and remember God got me!

Ny: I would tell myself to pace myself, and don’t get frustrated or tired. Just trust the process. There is no such thing as an overnight success”. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true.

Just trust the process. There is no such thing as an overnight success.


YOLANDA J: Good point Ny! Great things definitely takes time! Okay, the last question that I have is how would you all like people to remember you and The Savvy Runway?


Staci: We would like for people to remember as women who believed in ourselves, WORKED HARD & trust the process. When people think of The Savvy Runway I want them to remember that it was built on faith, family and friends and that the Savvy Babes are my friends who had faith in us.


Thank you ladies for sharing with us your entrepreneurial journey! For more information, you can find The Savvy Runway on instagram @TheSavvyRunway

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