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MEET Theodora. SHE is the founder and creator of Hiatus Beauty, a line that offers ORGANIC & NATURAL skin care products for women & men. Theo uses a variety of aromatherapy scents like lavender & peppermint in her products to help RELIEVE stress! Whipped butters, soothing soaps, and exfoliating scrubs are among the few products she creates. She prides her business on making sure her customers receive cruelty free NATURAL ingredients that are also suitable for SENSITIVE skin. Her goal is to simply encourage oneself to JUST TAKE a BREAK and enjoy pampering YOURSELF! Sometimes we just have to bring the SPA or vacation to US! Ya feel me…


YOLANDA J: It’s a pleasure to have you here today! So, Theo Tell us how Hiatus Beauty started. Give us an outline of what events happened in order for your business to come to fruition.

Theo: In 2018, I was going on a Caribbean vacation and wanted a shimmer oil so that my skin could GLOW. Something that resembles Rihanna’s body lava but without the price. So I went to Walmart and the only shade they carried was a bronzer/tan oil. Nothing for my skin tone. So I went to YouTube and learned how to make it myself. It was short and sweet, it did what I needed it to do, AND it was for my skin tone. So I thought about others that would want it. It’s an inexpensive addition & it makes you feel beautiful (but KNOW you already are). and to top it ALL off it was JUST becoming a HOT item in the market. That was the beginning… I really Love moisturizing with lotions and butters, but I thought I would make it fun with scents and colors.

It makes you feel beautiful, but KNOW you already are!


YOLANDA J: When we know what our passion is, we just know. It’s such a WONDERFUL feeling!! And I’m so glad that you found yours! So, how did you handle adversity and doubt? What were some challenging times you faced when starting your business?

Theo: I handled doubts when I started really being honest and realistic with myself. Do I have the time to do this on a level much bigger than a hobby? Will I give my business 110% even after giving 100% of myself to my 9-5 career everyday? Am I going to continuously seek ways to grow within this business? I had to ask myself a lot of questions because this was my first product based business where it was actually up to me to do EVERYTHING! So doubt was there. It still is and the only way to treat it is to face them head on.

YOLANDA J: We definitely all have doubts but how we face our doubts is what matters the most! So ,what kept you motivated?

Theo: A couple of things. 1. Starting in January 2020, I didn’t know what was to come. Lives are being turned upside down due to this pandemic. But one thing we can all AGREE on is that women showed up to the entrepreneurial table in waves last year. It was very exciting and motivational to see! The more I met different women with different businesses, I KNEW that THIS is what I wanted to do. It just so happens that doing this gives me the satisfaction of meeting people that have things going on in their lives.

A simple conversation about skincare can lead to a conversation about an insecurity or a success! So this business has helped me connect in ways that I normally wouldn’t. 2. My daughter. I want her to see that there’s so many possibilities available to her. She asks me so many questions and I love that!

This business has helped me connect in ways that I normally wouldn’t.

YOLANDA J: Thats great! Knowing that kids are inspired by us will definitely motivate us to keep pursuing our dreams. So next can you tell us where did your business ideas come from? Did you have any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or advice for your business?

Theo: I got my business idea after talking with my husband and friends about sharing things that I LOVE TO MAKE. This was a process that didn’t happen overnight. I researched and found my mentor Doni after following her on all social platforms for around 6 months. She decided to start coaching & approached me with an opportunity and it’s been working every since to help me think on a larger scale when it comes to ideas and plans.

I definitely recommend that if you don’t want to invest monetarily in a mentor, just surround yourself with “experts” to get whatever knowledge & guidance that you can.

Surround yourself with “experts” to get whatever knowledge & guidance that you can.


YOLANDA J: I agree! The more knowledgeable the person is on the area of expertise.. the better.

Okay.. so what do you tell people when they ask you what you do?

Theo: I make and sell handmade natural products. I don’t introduce myself as the owner unless I’m in a networking or business setting. How do I know if my customer isn’t a potential business opportunity?

YOLANDA J: Do you tell them your title or do you tell them what you offer?

Theo: Stepping back and moving like the maker versus the owner brings out that passion in me. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either, but the Creator of HIATUS Beauty just sounds better for what I’m doing.

YOLANDA J: So, Theo as the Creator of Hiatus Beauty, what are some things you do on a daily basis to continue your GROWTH?

Theo: The #1 thing is that I check is my website (analytics). Some may say that it’s not best to FOCUS on that but it is. Looking at that information tells me so much that I need to know in order to grow. Just by looking at that information, I’m able to tell that Coconut Water & Pineapple is my best selling scent so when thinking of new products I’ll keep that in mind.

I’ve also gotten into the practice of investing back into the business whether it be courses, new products, or partnerships. Doni holds two weekly calls, one on Monday mornings so that we can set goals and discuss strategies and another on Thursday evening to talk about anything. That may be too much for some but I know my level of accountability.

The LAST thing may be small but “write it down” AS SOON AS you think of something, there’s so much satisfaction in writing things down and marking through them when they’re COMPLETE.

There’s so much satisfaction in writing things down and marking through them when they’re complete.


YOLANDA J: Absolutely I agree! The moment we think of an idea, pen it down!

So, what would be one piece of ADVICE you would give yourself?

Theo: Don’t overthink things. I know that it’s difficult but everything revolves around my mission and purpose so I don’t over complicate my life by trying to do too much at once. I would really slow down and take in the fun and excitement of providing handmade products more than I did. Creating products and selling them are two totally different things and should mentally be kept separate in order to retain the passion behind it.

Don’t overthink things.



YOLANDA J: Honey.. can you say that AGAIN!? I think a lot of people need to hear that advice including myself!

Here’s my last question that I have for you Theo. How would you like people to remember YOU and Hiatus Beauty & what will be the legacy you hope to leave behind?

Theo: On a personal note, this company helped me battle anxiety. I had my first and worst anxiety attack a year before and nothing treated it for me NATURALLY. When I started this company it gave me an outlet, purpose, and new confidence. This has been a proud moment but a moment that’s lasted for over a year. When I’m done and satisfied, I want HIATUS Beauty to be remembered for it’s diversity and it’s mission to take a mental and physical break for yourself.

Simply put, It’ll have its reputation of an affordable self care experience. Me… I just want to be remembered as wanting to help to the best of my abilities. Aside from beauty products, I want to help others with their businesses with the intention of a bigger audience as well as local customer bases. Just remember me as someone who helps others in more ways than one.

Just remember me as someone who helps others in more ways than ONE.


YOLANDA J: Theodora, it has been a pleasure hearing your story….

If you enjoyed Theodora’s interview and you are interested in what she has to offer, you can find her website and social media platforms below.

As I mentioned earlier, Hiatus Beauty products are not just for women, her products have also been tailored to meet the needs of men who may ALSO need to take a load off & RELAX! #CHECK IT OUT

Instagram: @hiatusbeauty


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