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MEET Angela, she’s a content creator, author, caterer, and owner of Soul Food & Trap Music, LLC, a catering and meal prep service that offers a variety of menu items to complete ANY meal. Before Soul Food & Trap Music, LLC was established, I’ve had many opportunities to taste Angela’s cooking and taste of her meals are still fresh in my mind, I remember tasting her lasagna which she made from scratch. It was layered in pasta, cheese, tomato sauce, and meat, cooked to PERFECTION! And I even remember her scrambled eggs, which were moist, fluffy, & seasoned JUST RIGHT hunny! Ya’ll she can really THROW DOWN!

Soul Food and Trap Music, LLC

Since her teenage years, Angela has ALWAYS had a passion for cooking and while she cooks, she enjoys listening to her Trap Music. Yep!! I said It! Why not Vibe while you [C][R][E][A][T][E]!

YOLANDA J: So let’s get started! Angie, it’s so good to have you on this platform! Can you tell us how Soul Food and Trap Music started?

ANGIE: December 2019, Soul Food and Trap Music started as a food blog, where I would share my recipes or share the places I have eaten. Shortly after, People took notice to my cooking and asked me to cook for them, which led to me providing meal prep and catering services to Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas. So far I’ve processed over 200 orders for meal prep and catering combined.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

YOLANDA J: It’s AMAZING how our plans sometimes SHIFT to something even better! And I’m so glad to see that your business is really THRIVING! So, what are some challenging times you faced when starting your business?

ANGIE: The hardest part was starting. Thankful for friends and family that encouraged me. The most challenging thing I faced was pricing. I wanted to be AFFORDABLE, but also make a decent profit, because of mentors, I’ve learned to charge what I’m worth, because everyone isn’t meant to be a client.

I’ve learned to charge what I’m worth, because everyone isn’t meant to be a client.


YOLANDA J: Absolutely! We can’t be everything to everybody! Angie, what would you say motivated you to keep going?

ANGIE: My motivation comes from my supporters. I LOVE when people enjoy my cooking or enjoy making my recipes. That truly makes me feel that I am doing what I was born to do.

#Gourmet Southern Cookin

YOLANDA J: There’s nothing like some good olé gourmet soul food like the king grandma would make! I’m talking about the fried chicken that’s crispy on the outside and TENDER & JUICY on the inside…served with mac-n-cheese, collards greens & cornbread.

And if you’re looking for the PERFECT collard green recipe to add to your meal, meal, check out Angie’s You Tube video below!

Check Out Angie’s Southern Collard Green Recipe

YOLANDA J: When we find our passion , our passion finds us! So, here’s my next question that I have for you, can you tell us where you got your business ideas/plans come from and did you have any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or advice for your business?

#Vegan Salisbury Steak

ANGIE: I’ve been cooking since 14. I come from a long line of cooks. Some of my family members cook professionally.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I do contact my family members for advice far as how can I be more efficient and help with time management.

Some people ask why the name “Soul Food and Trap Music” —honestly It reminds me of HOME. Growing up sometimes I would stop at my aunt’s house after school and she’d be blasting UGK, Trick Daddy, Mystical… on the radio while frying chicken. My mom would cook and play some James Brown–I know it’s not trap, but we would have a great time and create some of the greatest memories.

YOLANDA J: I love how you are truly being “YOU” with your brand! We all have our own unique way of doing things, and you seem to be doing it so well. Music definitely helps get the vibe to FLOWIN!

So, when people ask you what you do… what do you tell them?

ANGIE: I tell them that I am self employed. I am owner of Soul Food and Trap Music, LLC. I provide catering and meal prep services to Huntsville and surrounding areas. Then I hand them a business card.

“Find ways to improve your GIFT!”

YOLANDA J: So, Angie what do you do on a daily basis to continue your growth as an entrepreneur & what are some things you can no longer do?

ANGIE: I’ve noticed I can no longer spend hours on social media without strategically planning my next post to gain more engagement. I am always researching new ways to improve current recipes.

YOLANDA J: What are some practice you have to put in place that help you grow as a business?

ANGIE: Even if I don’t change ingredients, sometimes I may change the pan I cooked it in to create a more crispy dish. I am always following different cooks/chefs to learn NEW TECHNIQUES.

Avocado Toast & Fresh Fruit

YOLANDA J: The more we learn, the more we know. Knowing what you know now, what would be one piece of advice you would give yourself?

ANGIE: Do it scared, so you can say you tried and you will never have to wonder “what if.”

Do it SCARED, so you can say you tried and you will never have to wonder “what if.”


YOLANDA J: I love this advice! How would you like people to remember you and Soul Food and Trap Music & what will be your legacy you would want to leave behind?

“Always Be Yourself”

ANGIE: I want people to remember that it’s ok to be you, be yourself–everything doesn’t have to be traditional. I also want them to remember that food doesn’t have to be complicated for it taste great.

It’s ok to be you, be YOURSELF.


If you are looking for a great macaroni and cheese recipe, CHECK OUT her NEW Cook Book “It’s a Vibe: A Collection of Recipes

Thanks Angela! You have blessed so many today just by telling your story! If you would like to CONNECT with Angela please CHECK OUT her social media platforms posted BELOW and you can find her services when you CLICK on the Soul Food & Trap Music Logo.

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