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MEET Yvonne! She is an author, mentor, life coach, and founder of Start Now Success, LLC. She has led & mentored a number of mentees including MYSELF.

I remember receiving a few rejection letters after applying to graduate school. I was an emotional wreck! I was on the verge of giving up on my dream of becoming a therapist, but NO MAM.. Yvonne was NOT about to let that happen! God placed Yvonne in my path at the RIGHT PLACE & the right TIME! She helped me lift my crown and gave me a push in the NEXT direction.

Yvonne has always been a great mentor to me & she never has any problems sharing her own personal experiences. And YES hunny..she includes the struggles too! In doing that, she was able to provide me with the support and encouragement that I needed to regain my MOMENTUM.

Yvonne truly shares a GREAT passion for INSPIRING and ENCOURAGING others to reach for the stars no matter what obstacles they may face.


YOLANDA J: Yvonne, I’m so glad that you are with us today! Can you tell us how Start Now Success, LLC started?

Yvonne: To be honest; Start Now Success, LLC just fell into my lap. I had no plans on starting a business at the time because I had just graduated with a WHOLE doctorate degree & released my very first book. I needed a break!

After writing my book “Start Now” The Starter Guide to Becoming Successful at Anything, I received so much positive feedback and recognition for it, that I said “Why not create a business and help give people more resources to reach success” And there you have it, Start Now Success, LLC was created!

YOLANDA J: I thoroughly ENJOYED reading your book so much that I ended up highlighting a few things that stood out to me. And every now and then when I need some motivation, I read the book again as a reminder to keep striving for success. In your book, you mentioned some of your personal experiences and struggles that you face, so can you also share with us some challenging times you faced when starting your business?

Yvonne: The most CHALLENGING barriers that I faced when I started my business was ONE ..what will I do now that I have this business? TWO.. will people support me and my business?

Many people have supported me and continue to support me. This group of supporters continue to grow each day. I have been so amazed at this! However, there were people who attempted to bring me down in the beginning. I had people who chose to not participate in my visions and ideas and one person who attempted to gossip about the positive things that I was doing with my Start Now Success movement. Can you believe it? When you are doing something, good there is always one person that will find something negative to say. Little did these people know it lit an even bigger fire under me and I went even harder and continue to go hard to make this business a SUCCESS!! But honestly, I am not mad at them, Iโ€™m actually happy that now they can see that their negativity and nonsupport didnโ€™t stop me. It actually made my business BLOW UP! God is so amazing that he will make your enemies bless you.

God is so AMAZING that he will make your enemies bless YOU.


YOLANDA J: So TRUE! Sometimes our doubters and non-believers are the very motivation that we need to GO HARDER! What motivates you to keep your business going?

Yvonne: Good question! What motivates me every day to keep going & to not give up on my business or anything else that I chose to do in life is knowing that God gave me an ASSIGNMENT & I simply must do my homework assignments that God has given to me to COMPLETE. I have so many people who look up to me, and I believe that being an example to those people is one of my assignments in life. Iโ€™m also motivated to keep going by looking at all the wonderful gifts and talents God has blessed me with. He gave these gifts to me for a reason and that REASON is to USE THEM.

YOLANDA J: And through your platform, your actions show that you are truly using your God-given gifts!

I’d love to know where your business ideas came from and if you had any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or advice for your business?

Yvonne: My business ideas and plans came from my very own life experiences and thoughts on how I can make a difference in other peoples lives as well as my own. I also used feedback from my friends, clients, family, and supporters.

YOLANDA J: So knowing that your ideas and plans came from your own life experiences and thoughts, do you typically tell people your title or do you tell them what you offer when they ask you what you do?

Yvonne: I usually tell people the truth about what I actually do full time for a living. I don’t typically begin with telling people about my business first. I tell people that I am an Occupational Therapist, Doctor of Occupational Therapy and then proceed to telling them that I am also a mentor, motivational speaker, author and business owner. Usually, if someone is interested in learning more about me, I don’t mind explaining or telling them more in detail about what I do.

YOLANDA J: And you know as Occupational Therapy Practitioners, we STRIVE to help others improve their quality of life. And it’s so rewarding! So as an entrepreneur, what do you do on a daily basis to continue your growth?

Yvonne: I love to read and explore the internet. I’m constantly buying books and surfing the internet on ways to GROW and mature, not only for myself, but for my business.

YOLANDA J: Also, what are some things you can no longer do?

Yvonne: Now that I am an entrepreneur, I can no longer procrastinate. Discipline is one thing that I have to ALWAYS put into place in order for my business to blossom.


Discipline is one thing that I have to ALWAYS put into place in order for my business to BLOSSOM.


#SUCCESS Follows Hard Work

YOLANDA J: PROCRASTINATION & Discipline.. yep I think we ALL can say we have challenges with those two… but I agree, ONE is needed and the other One…Let’s just say I’d love to the curb!

So Yvonne, knowing what you know now, what would be ONE piece of advice you would give yourself? I know there were times when you were walking in the unknown. ..

Yvonne: Its simple! My advice to myself would be to Plan, Plan, Plan before executing. You never know how fast you will grow so you better plan for it. I didn’t think Start Now Success, LLC would take off as fast as it did.

There have been times when I truly felt overwhelmed with the GROWTH. This caused me to step away for a while to gather myself and recollect my thoughts. It is totally ok to step away for a while when you start feeling overwhelmed.

It is totally ok to step away for a while when feeling overwhelmed.


YOLANDA J: I can relate! I’ve had so many times when I felt overwhelmed with my progress, that I too had to step away. It’s SO NECESSARY!

Yvonne, one last thing. How would you like people to remember YOU & Start Now Success, LLC?

When #YOU Win WE All WIN

Yvonne: I want people to remember me as the woman who wanted to SEE EVERYBODY win. I want people to remember Start Now Success, LLC as the business who helped to ignite a spark in people desires to become successful in life.

I want people to remember me as the woman who wanted to see EVERYBODY win.


YOLANDA J: Yvonne, I’m so inspired! You are a FORCE that can’t be stopped. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your journey with us today. A wonderful reminder that we ALL need to try to BE the BEST at what we do!

If you would like to learn more about what Yvonne has to offer, please CHECK OUT her website and social media platforms below.

I hope everyone is getting a dose of what you need to #START NOW through these courageous women’s stories so far! We’ll be back on Wednesday with ANOTHER ONE (DJ Khaled VOICE).


“Make HAPPINESS a Priority, your health depends on IT.”

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