How to Keep Showing Up Even When It’s Hard


“KEEP SHOWING UP”, a phrase that we ALL are too familiar with.

More often than none we are told to “keep showing UP”, when we feel tired, overwhelmed, under appreciated and OVERLOOKED. But no one teaches us how to keep showing up even in our fragile moments of vulnerability.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that showing up EVERY DAY day isn’t smooth sailing, especially when it seems like there’s no one there to cheer you on.

For the past month, I’ve been feeling tired, swamped, & internally off BALANCE. I am finding from  self-observations that this event is occurring waaaay too often.

My FOCUS has been off and my priorities have been out of whack..seriously. And to be honest, some days I find it difficult to make things that need to be consistent, a PRIORITY.  Especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve been tempted to neglect non-negotiables that I KNOW need to be done… like reading my word & creating NEW content for the blog.

I’ve had moments when I’ve convinced myself that I’ll get things done later ONLY to find myself scrolling through my SOCIAL MEDIA newsfeed.

Before I know it, a WHOLE hour has passed!

There’s even those moments when I set my alarm to get up EARLY to read my bible but hit the SNOOZE button instead. YALL KNOW yall have done it!

Then there’s my “down time” in the evenings when I  just want to watch my favorite TV shows INSTEAD.

And we all have those days where we really just want to do absolutely NOTHING.

Some days you may not be FEELING IT but you have to KEEP SHOWING UP FOR YOU.

-Yolanda J

When we’re running low on motivation and just aren’t feeling it, It can be hard to shake off that “lazy” feeling. However, we KNOW that this work has GOT to get done one way or another!

TRUTH is there’s ALWAYS someone watching who will look to us as an EXAMPLE. We just have to ask the questions. Do we want to set a POSITIVE example or a negative example of OURSELVES?

We have to stop BLOCKING ourselves, & move the hell out way so we can get it DONE! LATER.. you will look back and be so freakin’ proud of yourself & how far you’ve come!

So what do we do to fight the resistance of not wanting to get things done?

Here are SOME things that help ME & I hope they help you too.

1. SPEND MORE TIME reading your bible. If you’re a Christian girl like me then you know you can’t do what you are called to do ALONE. God always works best when in our most weakest and vulnerable moments. So knowing this and digging deeper in the Word keeps me grounded. God’s promises renews my hope and gives me all the confidence and motivation that I need to keep pushing through even on the days when I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING.

2. LOOK at the bigger picture. Thinking about the BIGGER PICTURE, especially on my tough days, helps me to stay focus and keep looking at what’s ahead.

3. GIVE yourself THAT break. Recharging every now and then is a must. I’ve learn that if I neglect the rest that my body needs, then I am less productive and unmotivated to finish what I need to DO.

4. PRACTICE self-discipline. Because most days we aren’t going to ALWAYS feel like doing the things we need to do. Discipline gives us that extra push we need to get things DONE no matter how we are feeling.

5. KNOW that your purpose is bigger than you. It’s far greater than your own personal satisfaction. #LIFE is about letting God use us for His glory. PERIOD.

6. Last but not least, always REMEMBER why you started. It’s a simple mantra that is often repeated and heard everywhere but it holds so much TRUTH. You’ll soon find that same excitement AGAIN that you had in the very beginning.

Now, HIT RESET & get back out there. You got this! One step is all you need to get back in the rhythm.

Until next time PEEPS..✌🏽

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

Yolanda J 🧡

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