You’re A lot Closer Than You Think You Are

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Joel Osteen Voice: We have all had those moments when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some days it feels like it’s easier to just give up. And other days it feels like all hope is lost. We grow weary of the process and eventually begin to question if what we are doing even matters, especially when nothing seems to be working out in the way we expected.

Ya’ll like THAT Joel Osteen opening?! Dope right…but anyway. Let’s get right to it…

#GOD Help ME!

A few weeks ago, I was reflecting on my fitness goals that I made at the BEGINNING of this year. I instantly felt like crap once I realized that my goals had YET to rear the corner. That was just IT though. Was I anticipating a fail or a win? Had I caused my own disappointment? The questions of reflection sat me on my tail and made me regroup. My mind had taken control over my heart. It seemed like the longer I sat there the more angry I had become. I’d become DISCOURAGED. I thought to myself: “I’ll never get to the size that I want to be”.

If you look at the word discouraged, you’ll notice that the word COURAGE is right between dis & d. Which if we all remember our prefix meanings from school…you’ll remember it means NOT or without. So BECOMING discouraged had caused me to tell myself that I had NO courage or that I was without courage within My OWN process and EVEN within my OWN purpose. Yessss, deep right?! Honestly, health and fitness has ALWAYS been a big part of my life, I had gone through this CHALLENGE of losing weight in the PAST, but this time baby.. WE GONE leave IT THERE.

I ended up reaching out to a friend, who is currently going through the SAME situation. We ended up conversing and sharing ideas which inspired me to remain FOCUSED & DETERMINED on the process I have been working on. What really brought the LIGHT to our conversation is when she reminded me that losing weight is a slow SLOW process. This also helped me reflect & realize that I wasn’t being patient with myself. Hello Somebody! Who said this stuff happens over night???? The process teaches us the lessons that we need to learn so we will remember EXACTLY what goes into it when we get ready to share it with someone else! It slows us down and helps us gain endurance, patience, and WHOLE lot of other fruits you may have not HAD in the PAST.

The PROCESS teaches us the lessons that we need to learn so we will REMEMBER exactly what goes into it!


This is also a PRIME EXAMPLE of why we MUST stay in connection with people GOD has put in our lives that may share similar if NOT the Same challenges. When we start to self-sabotage our thought process, we will need an intercedant to step in and pull us out of that self-destruction. That’s why you have to #KNOW who your motivators & encouragers are! I can say I have a few I can name in my life currently! Isn’t that a blessing in ITSELF. Don’t hesitate to surround yourself with these people. THAT’S what they are here to #DO!

So guys, it’s not that I haven’t been eating right or haven’t been going to the gym. It’s the fact that I’ve encountered a PLATEAU within my thinking process, which I can identify as (impatience) to be exact, the most dreadful part of the process. Do ya’ll need the definition of that ONE as well??? It’s simply time for me to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT so that I can get to where I want to be. All it takes is a slight shift in my thinking and reminding myself to remain in a healthy mindset without wavering. Remembering that no matter how long this SH** takes.. I’M GOING to [W][I][N]!

So, what did I do differently??? I’ve been lifting MORE weights & tracking what I eat with the help of my food diary app (MyFitnessPal). Not only that, I’m also being a little morepatient” with myself. No BS! It Hasn’t been easy! The fact of the matter is.. It’s not even supposed to be or ERRRRRRRbody would be #Doing #IT. Anyway, if I keep being CONSISTENT with the “right mindset,” when the time comes, I (W)(I)(L)(L) SEE the light at the end of the tunnel.


When the time comes, I WILL #SEE the Light at the End of the Tunnel

-Yolanda J

Everything isn’t (A)(L)(W)(A)(Y)(S) sun||shine & rain||bows.

-Yolanda J
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#SEE your CHALLENGE as #Strength

Maybe you’re not struggling with weight loss like me, but here’s the THING. Everything isn’t ALWAYS going to GO 100%. The CHALLENGES we face are an inevitable part of life. They are a part of the process that we need to endure and overcome in order to get to where we are going and where we want to #BE. And the best part about these CHALLENGES are that they are ONLY TEMPORARY.

Write this down if you must: Growth cannot occur without CHALLENGES.

challenge(s): (More than ONE Challenge)

The struggles you are currently facing is a PART of your story, not your WHOLE story.

-Yolanda J

Whatever you’re dealing with, I ENCOURAGE YOU to HANG IN THERE because #believe it or NAW, you’re almost there! Just take a moment and look back at how far you’ve come. You’ll #SEE that you are a lot closer than YOU #THINK. (Joel Osteen wink)

Sending LOVE & Hope your way. You’ve got this mane!

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

Yolanda J 🧡

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