You Can Do Hard Things

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You can do hard things.

…even when it feels like no one is supporting you.

…even when it looks impossible.

…even when you’re unqualified.

…even when your mountain doesn’t move.

…even when you’re a part of the statistic.

…even when you can’t see the full picture.

Yes, you CAN do them and you HAVE what it takes.

Because the Holy Spirit lives in you.

And because you can do all things through him who gives you strength (Phil 4:13).


So start BELIEVING in his promise and WALKING in it. Soon, he will establish you and bless you to glorify his name!

And when life knocks you down just bounce back and shift your focus to the Creator, the one who never lets you down.

Until next time FRIEND! Sending HUGS and LOVE your way as ALWAYS!

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

-Yolanda J 🧡

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