6 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Goals This Year

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HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! Now, I know what y’all are thinking…girl you are late, right? Haha but seriously those days of keeping up with the trends are behind me. As we are almost near the end of the longest month of the year, I hope 2022 has been a great start for y’all.

I wish I could say the same, but this year started off very different for me. Omarion… I mean Omicron got your girl. Now I have been sick and shut in for a whole week. But thankfully my symptoms were mild and now I’m currently on the mend. On top of this, I’ve been resting, cleaning, organizing, staying productive, and most importantly, staying positive the best way I can. It’s been a while since I’ve written my last blog post so I figured I could also use this free time that I have to write something NEW. Now here we are!

It really took me some time to decide on a topic for this month. Since most people are into goals and intentions in the beginning of the year, I figured creating a helpful list would give you the boost and the motivation you need to be successful with your goals in this NEW YEAR. Now if you have already started working on your goals for the year, CONGRATULATIONS! If you haven’t, take this as your sign that it’s time to start working on your goals now. So yeah, go ahead and grab a pen and some paper and get to writing!

Here are 6 WAYS to Stay on Top of Your Goals This Year:

(1) Create #MICRO goals

Yes, that means taking baby steps towards your goals and making small changes each day. Rather it’s starting the day with spending time with yourself, reading 30 minutes a day or cutting back on sweets, doing something small consistently will eventually lead to bigger changes later.


(2) Create a #VISION board

This helps provide a physical reminder of what you want to manifest. So, grab some magazines and find some words/pictures that represents YOU and your goals. If you don’t have any old magazines around, you can also make a digital/virtual vision board. When you’re done, stick your vision board in a place where you can see it every day and don’t forget to review, edit, and adjust your board throughout the year as needed.

Come On..I #GOT YOU

(3) Find an #ACCOUNTABILITY partner

It’s so important to have a support system. I can’t stress this enough. Many times, we are harsh on ourselves. For this reason, we need someone who will lift us up when we are down. Just make sure he/she is also RELIABLE and COMMITTED just as you are.


(4) Find a #MOTIVATIONAL Quote

Save it on your phone’s lock screen and write it down on a sticky note because sometimes those kind and positive words are THE PUSH that we need to see to keep going.

Chicken Wing Chicken Wing 🍗#AYE

(5) Celebrate your Small #WINS

You’ll feel GOOD about where you currently are while heading to where you want to be. Plus, it creates the momentum you need to keep going.

#OPEN Your Heart

(6) Remember to give yourself #TIME to Bloom

We are always rushing and speeding up the process not realizing we are missing the important lessons we needed to learn to be successful during the process. So, give yourself time to work on your goals without stressing over how long it will take you to get there. Just EMBRACE where you are and enjoy the ride!

Now, let’s do this!!

Walking in my PURPOSE on PURPOSE

-Yolanda J 🧡

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