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Welcome back Y’all! It’s Friday which means we are back with another feature of my blog series, Women Rising to the Top!

Itโ€™s NO SECRET that Iโ€™m slightly obsessed with glossy lip gloss, especially the nude and neutral pink shades. It’s quick and easy to apply and usually my Go-TO look during the weekdays. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good make up coverage but HONEY… there’s nothing more freeing than going out barefaced with glossy lip gloss on. On special occasions and the weekends, I usually switch it up to medium lipstick shades with a full make up coverage.

I’ve always been the type of chick to avoid the bold lip colors mainly because I’ve convinced myself that lighter shades were best on my skin tone. But when I first saw the new matte lippies from SPL Beauty cosmetic line, I decided to try something different, something OUT OF THE ORDINARY for a fresh new look. I tried the natural collection matte lippies, which consisted of 3 different stunning shades, and I was pleasantly surprised of how they looked on my skin tone!

Today I would like to introduce you to Tye Thompson!! She’s a nurse, a license esthetician, and Founder of SPL Beauty, a beauty and cosmetic service located in North Houston, Texas!

Yolanda J: Hi Tye! It’s so glad to have you here. Thank you for joining us on the blog today!! I really can’t wait to hear all about your story & where you are today! Can you begin by sharing how SPL Beauty started? Give us an outline of some events that happened in order for your business to come to fruition.

Tye: SPL Beauty was established in 2018, starting as a cosmetic line and now offering a VARIETY of services from waxing, makeup, facials, and more. It took a lot of sacrifice and consistency for SPL Beauty to become fruitful. Restless nights of planning and spending thousands of dollars to invest in a brand that I had no clue of the outcome. Moreover, lots of advertising: My face was my billboard. I received lots of compliments on my makeup which led me to promoting my business.

Yolanda J: I’m so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and digging deep into what this business really needed to BECOME what it is today. I know that wasn’t easy, but it was beneficial to your success and personal growth for sure.

So, how were you able to handle adversity and doubt? What were some of the challenging times you faced when starting your business?

Tye: During dreadful times, I think it’s important to remember your “WHY”. Why are you doing this? My “why” was always to join my nursing career with the beauty industry, in other words, to become a medical esthetician. Before, joining beauty school, I had no clue that a “medical aesthetician” was a thing! I was only familiar with the term “aesthetician”.


Marketing and consistency were major challenges for me. Understanding the importance of color schemes, having a logo, consistency with fonts, understanding algorithm, ratios of videos before uploading, the perfect times to post on social media, etc. It’s still challenging, but I make sure to take a step back now and have patience with myself. Now I give myself a little grace and keep it moving.

During dreadful times, I think it’s important to remember your “WHY“.


Yolanda J: As a blogger, I can relate to this, especially the challenging parts of understanding algorithm and being consistent with positioning on social media. It seems like it’s always something new to learn. By the way! I love how you are combining your nursing career with what you love. I think that’s dope!

Tye, what was it that motivated you to keep going? What event or events had to happen for you to stay the course and not give up?


Tye: I surround myself with “go getters”, rather than stagnant individuals. Maybe that sounds cold, but it’s important. You are what your surround yourself with, and I choose to surround myself with people who are ambitious about their present and their future. They keep me motivated about mine.

Yolanda J: That’s a KEY COMPONENT! Allowing yourself to BE amongst individuals who are doing the same thing you are doing who are striving to BECOME more.

Did you have any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or advice for your business?

Tye: During beauty school I was required to create business ideas/plans. My instructor was and still is very helpful with encouraging me to remain focus on my vision. We tend to share our dreams and goals with each other, which in return ALWAYS keeps me on my toes & thinking BIG!

Yolanda J: It’s such a blessing to have an instructor who acts as a MENTOR and goes above and beyond what is expected!

So, Tye, what do you typical tell people when they ask you what you DO?

Do you tell them your title, or do you tell them what you offer?

Tye: Both. I always mention that I’m a “license esthetician” and then inform individuals of the services I offer. Every esthetician doesn’t offer the same services. I think it’s important to ALWAYS inform your potential client.

Yolanda J: Absolutely because that’s what builds trust!

Can you tell our readers more about what you do on a daily basis to continue your growth as an entrepreneur? What are some things you can no longer do & what are some PRACTICES you have to put in place that help you grow as a business?


Tye: I’m always investing in my brand. On a daily basis, I continue to learn from other successful entrepreneurs in my city. I enjoy attending networking events, collaborating with other business owners, attending pop up shops, etc.

I no longer pressure myself to announce or launch anything prematurely. As mentioned before, I have more grace and PATIENCE with myself. For SPL Beauty to continue to grow, I think it’s important for me to remain consistent with marketing, continue to give my gems to upcoming entrepreneurs, and networking.

Yolanda J: Yes mam!! I love all of these ACTIONS and the steps you have taken so far to continue your success and growth. You just NEVER KNOW who you are impacting so keep up the GREAT work!

Tye, what would be one piece of advice you would give yourself and to others who are inspired to step out into the UNKNOWN and start their own business?

Tye: Looking back, I would have informed myself not to announce things prematurely, PLAN it out, and BE PATIENT. The world isn’t going anywhere.

Yolanda J: That’s so true! There’s no rush to put out something GREAT. It’s okay to give it time to cultivate & become the beautiful ART it has intended to BECOME.

Before we finish Tye, how would you like people to remember you and SPL Beauty? What will be your legacy you leave behind?

Tye: My legacy is to leave a prosperous business in the hands of my son. A business with over 100 employees, a place where nurses and estheticians can excel as one, bringing the nursing and beauty world together <3


Thank you, Tye, for sharing your story with us! I wish you continued SUCCESS with everything you do! Keep shooting for the stars Queen!

If you’re in the HOUSTON area or just want further information, Contact SPL Beauty for more collaboration and beauty health needs:

As ALWAYS Let’s continue to WALK IN our PURPOSE on PURPOSE.๐Ÿ‘ 

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