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Happy FRIYAY Ladies & Gents. We are back with ANOTHER inspiring HERstory! Meet Monretta Vega! She is originally from Fort Worth, Texas, but now resides in Huntsville, Alabama where she dedicates her life’s work to helping adolescents and adults develop insight into being satisfied with the life they live, KNOWING that each day is a NEW day for happiness & SUCCESS. She is passionate about helping others & increasing Mental Health AWARENESS each day in her community.

Monretta is currently Co-Owner of Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services in Huntsville, Alabama and founder of Envisionary Counseling LLC since 2020. Her GOAL is to help others achieve their ultimate goal in their life and work towards being the BEST they CAN BE!

She is the author of “I LOVE YOU, But I’m Not in Love With YOU,” A Guide to Loving Yourself & “Moments,” a reflection journal for your daily use. LAST but not least YA’LL, she teaches a Psychology course at my very own ALUMNI campus, Alabama A&M University! Can we say AMBITIOUS & DETERMINED!!

Yolanda J: Hi Monretta. It’s so nice to have you with us today! I’m sure there is so much our audience would love to know about YOU & what YOU bring to the table!

Mental Health has been a huge topic of discussion lately & we want to give our audience an opportunity to learn more about YOU and what you offer!

Monretta, tell us a little about your service & how Huntsville Psychotherapy Counseling Services & Envisionary Counseling began?

Monretta: The idea for the business was a goal of mine for years. The timing was not how I planned, but the opportunity presented itself and I knew it was time to MOVE on that direction towards a private practice. Working at Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services allowed me the opportunity to begin my LLC.

Yolanda J: So, the idea was always there. Sometimes it can be hard to make a MOVE on certain ideas, not clearly knowing what it might look like or if we have enough resources to START. I’ve often told myself I might not be ready, or the timing is not right. Little do we know; the timeline is not always in our control. Then, those doors OPEN & we decide to walk through them. Because, we simply KNOW, it’s NOW or NEVER! That’s what it sounds like you did. YOU trusted the process and surrendered to your call. That’s inspiring!

We both KNOW within the process, challenging moments occur. Can you share a little bit about how you handled those unfavorable times of doubt & defeat?


Monretta: I was able to handle adversity & doubt by focusing on my goals and taking things ONE day at a time. This helped me avoid feeling overwhelmed or ALLOWING doubt to set in. This would often lead to self-sabotaging. I had to focus on the VISION I had.

Yolanda J: I can tell your gift of VISION is a beautiful place for you to CREATE, which brings me to my next question. We often get to a place where we’ve been rejected, looked over, or maybe we just can’t seem to SEE the finish line from where our perspective lies at the moment.

In your time of uncertainty, what motivated you to keep going?

Was there an unfavorable EVENT that happened for you to stay the course and not give up?

Monretta: I knew my goals and although things did not happen as I had planned, I knew the goal was bigger than the moment I was in. My desire was bigger than me and I knew I had a purpose. In 2013, I had an accident where my car was completely totaled. That was the EYE-OPENING moment that pushed me further.

Yolanda J: Wow! Now we KNOW and can say that you are a walking miracle and that YOU are definitely here to do something significant. I can relate. I have also experienced some moments that have shaken me up & ACTIVATED me on NEW LEVELS.

Monretta, can you share with us a little about your business ideas & if you had any mentors or special people in your life that helped create avenues or give any ADVICE for your business?

Monretta: The idea was a part of my goals and the LLC that I am currently working for is helping me model the next goals. I was blessed to have one mentor who believed in me even when I did not believe in myself.


Yolanda J: It’s such a blessing when YOU ask God for help, and guidance & He sends YOUR tribe of people who KNOW just what you need and desire in that moment of life. And the best part about it.. it’s ALWAYS right on time! You always need someone to BELIEVE in you and REMIND you of the power and gifts you hold inside of you when you can’t seem to SEE them for yourself. It motivates you in a way that Inspires YOU and keeps your fire burning!

So in your field of service, what do you typical tell people when they ask you what you do?

Do you tell them your title, or what you offer?

Monretta: I usually say, Psychotherapist. Most times I have to say…counselor.


Yolanda J: So, we would love to know what you do on a daily basis to continue your GROWTH as a counselor and talk to us a little about some things you can no longer entertain.

What are some practices you have to put in place that help you grow as a business?

Monretta: On a daily basis, I JOURNAL and have time to myself to either REVISIT the ideas I had previously throughout the day or reflect on things I could have done differently. I am mindful of those I interact with and places I go; I no longer allow everyone and everything to have access to me, my life, or my dreams. I continue to educate myself on different skills, methods of treatment, and theories; I consider myself a FOREVER student.

Yolanda J: REFLECTION is Powerful! You are constantly giving yourself a chance to GROW. That takes a huge amount of accountability & getting REAL with yourself. It’s great to know you have some great self-care strategies and tools in place to help with life’s demands. I’m glad you mentioned setting boundaries with the people around you. It’s vital that we SURROUND ourselves with the people who respect our needs and understand OUR needs also. It makes a difference!

Thank you for touching on some of the efforts you’ve pursued towards your education. It’s EMPOWERING & and comforting to KNOW you will be pushing yourself to GAIN the knowledge that is needed to help others.

Monretta, now that you’ve experienced some challenges and seen some of the events that come with starting your own service, what would be ONE piece of advice you would give yourself?

Think about when you first started your business & you were walking into the UNKNOWN needing a few words of wisdom.

Monretta: BELIEVE in yourself, do not listen to negative feedback, and continue towards your goals even if it looks NOTHING like you imagined.


BELIEVE in yourself, do not listen to negative feedback, and CONTINUE towards your goals even if it looks NOTHING like you imagined.


Yolanda J: You know..we all like to KNOW that what we did while we were here mattered. Monretta, how would you like people to REMEMBER YOU & your counseling service?

What will be THE legacy you leave behind?

Monretta: I would like people to REMEMBER ME in a POSITIVE manner and know the goal was to EDUCATE and help my community.


To SHINE your brightest light is to BE who you TRULY ARE

-Monretta Vega

Monretta YOU ARE simply Inspiring & a LIGHT to ALL those around YOU! So many will be blessed today just from learning more about Mental Health and also Participating by showing up for themselves in a NEW WAY. We wish you the best in you work & studies & we are hoping that YOUR work will CONTINUE to HEAL & enlighten OUR communities!

YOU CAN learn more about Monretta & what she does on a the DAILY by CHECKING OUT her platforms below. Please don’t hesitate to REACH out! Ladies and GENTS, she is ONE of the BEST, so SPREAD the WORD!

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KEEP Walking in Your Purpose ON PURPOSE👠

Yolanda J🧡

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