Healing from a Mother Wound & Shades of Brown

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WELCOME BACK everybody! We are back with our last and final guest feature of this year’s blog series, Women Rising to the Top. We hope you enjoyed reading about these inspiring stories as much as we did! I promise Y’ALL, I was so blessed to learn about these ladies & how they have decided to SHOW UP for their calling!

Podcasts has really been a HUGE thing lately! The cool thing about podcasts is that you are able to do whatever you NEED to do while you’re listening to them. One of my favorite types of podcasts that I like to listen to is the motivational/inspirational podcasts. They really encourage you to elevate and live YOUR BEST LIFE.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Ms. Alyson Brown also known as Aly B. She’s the creator of Healing from a Mother Wound & Host of Shades of Brown Podcast! Shades of Brown Podcast is dedicated to providing thought provoking contents that are informative and engaging. Currently in Season 4, Brown releases new episodes every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts and she touches on a variety of topics that we all can relate to.

Not only that, Alyson also delivers consistent content through her social media pages that are supporting and encouraging. Her intention is to help others heal from their past childhood trauma. Healing is vital. It’s in my opinion, the first ACTION that needs attention, so that we can GROW and FLOURISH; giving us the space to live a more FULL and satisfying life.

Now, we may not have all experienced childhood trauma, but we DEFINITELY have some past experiences that we are currently challenged with or AVOIDING. I have found that when we share our stories with others, it helps us to connect with others who are going through similar situations. Ms. Aly B is certainly good at sharing her stories with others. She strives to create a safe haven as she encourages them to be “authentic” and heal from their past childhood trauma or as she would say, “heal from their inner child”.

Alright y’all. Let’s get straight to it!

Yolanda J: Hey chick! Thank you for joining us. I’m excited that you are here to share your story with us, today. I’ve looked at a lot of your content and it has been so rewarding and informative to me. There was so much information shared around healing that I didn’t have any knowledge of. I haven’t seen many people talking about this area of WORK. It can be uncomfortable to talk about! It requires YOU to get REAL with yourself and most people will have a hard time with that. So, I commend you for going down this path. It’s not an easy one to tread. POPULARITY is the last thing you are looking for when you decide to head in this direction.

So, I want to start off by learning more about how your business all started. How did your business & podcast come to FRUITION?


Alyson: My business is a mixture of ministry and marketplace. After leaving my corporate job in 2020, I was seeking the Lord for instructions about what to do next. As I was trying to make things happen within my OWN strength, Holy Spirit instructed me to begin sharing my story and helping people heal from parental wounds – specifically the mother wound. So, I decided to launch a 6-week live online healing course that walks people through the mother wound healing journey.

Yolanda J: I know that was a huge TRANSITION for you, but there’s nothing more satisfying than being obedient to our calling. I’ve learned that when I try to force things to go my way, I struggle with finding things that I strongly desire. So, YES kudos to you girl for being obedient to your assignment!

I know your journey hasn’t been smooth sailing, but how did you handle adversity and DOUBT & what would you say were some challenging times you faced when starting your business? 


Alyson: I was full of doubt in the beginning because I couldn’t understand why God was asking me to be publicly vocal about something so taboo. I didn’t think anyone would relate, and I knew I would get criticism for speaking about mama trauma. There was no blueprint for this because NO ONE was talking about it. I had no idea where to start, what to say, what NOT to say, etc. But it was Holy Spirit reminding me of my “why” that kept me from getting stuck in those moments. Even today, when I’m affected by someone’s criticism or just can’t figure out how to manage all the business aspects of this, I rehearse my “why” and I remind myself who called me to this work in the first place.

Yolanda J: Love it! One thing about it, when we don’t know what to do, God always shows up for us! And although sometimes He will call us to move in uncomfortable places, we just have to remind ourselves that our purpose is bigger than us. ALWAYS!

So, in the midst of all the criticism and wondering if anyone would relate to you, what motivated you to keep going?

Our PURPOSE is bigger than us.

-Yolanda J

I ENCOURAGE YOU to CHECK- IN with yourself today.

And if you NEED TO, do the following: STOP. CRY. PRAY. WALK. CLICK HERE for a VISUAL  

Alyson: The GREATEST motivation is hearing from people who I have helped. It’s especially motivating when I hear from women who seemingly had the perfect relationship with their mother – women I may have slightly envied because I thought they had what I always wanted. When these ladies message me and express how my work has helped them navigate their challenging parental relationships, it gives me such a boost! I’m here to help Black families heal and encouraging messages such as these, help me remember NONE of this work is in vain and the mission is actually being accomplished.

Yolanda J: YES! As a blogger, I understand your feeling! It’s almost like a joy that cannot be explained! It’s just so satisfying when you receive messages from people that are benefiting from your work. And now you’re like okay God, I see you WORKING! 🙌🏽

Alyson, can you tell our readers where “Healing from a Mother Wound” comes from?

Also, did you have any mentors or special people in your life to help you create this?

Alyson: While the original idea was completely a God idea. I absolutely reached out to my community for help with creating, planning, and executing. I seek counsel from my mentor & closest friends about ideas that come to me. Healing work is tricky, so I like to make sure I’m not doing or saying anything that could cause even more harm to someone I’ve set out to help. Having a community that understands the mission has helped a ton with this.

Yolanda J: There’s nothing like having a great support system! So, what do you typical tell people when they ask you what you do?


Alyson: I rarely ever tell people I’m a “mother wound” healing coach. Maybe that’s something I should become more comfortable with though. I typically tell people I help folks heal their inner child.

Yolanda J: This question can be UNCOMFORTABLE when dialing in from a spiritual perspective. It’s scary because most people may not understand where you are coming from. It’s the lack of knowledge and openness around the topic that can keep you holding back from what you truly want to voice. But I believe overtime, you will cultivate a comfortable space for yourself to DO JUST THAT.


What are some practices that YOU do on a daily basis to continue your GROWTH as an entrepreneur & what are some things you can no longer do currently?

Alyson: I try to engage with the members of my healing community on a daily basis, whether it’s affirmations, a quick check-in, a helpful post, etc. I’m not always consistent because…it’s a lot to keep up with! But these are the people who have already decided to trust me with their healing journey and are most likely to support me when I release new products & services or host events. I also post daily to social media in order to INCREASE AWARENESS of what a mother wound is and why we need to start the healing journey.

What I can no longer do is immerse myself in the mother-wound healing community on social media. I thought this marketing strategy would help my business, but I was starting to compare myself to the handful of others in this space, and it just wasn’t beneficial. I BELIEVE we should be relevant and remain connected to our community as servers (not competitors). It was starting to be counterproductive for me. I have to be ME, and do EXACTLY what God told ME to do, even if that goes against the grain.

I BELIEVE we should be relevant and remain connected to our community as servers (not competitors).

Aly B.

Yolanda J: Sounds like you have some great strategies in place! I love how you stated that we have to remain connected to our community by servicing their need; not to just COMPETE against one another. We all have something to GIVE in our OWN UNIQUE WAY. You hit the nail on the head with that one! We definitely have to do what’s best for us and our audience. Because what works for our competitions may not always work for Us.


Aly, knowing what you know now, what would be one piece of ADVICE you would give yourself?

Alyson: I would tell myself not to see resistance as a sign to QUIT, but to use it as fuel to go even harder.

Don’t see resistance as a sign to QUIT.

Use it as a fuel to GO EVEN HARDER.

Aly B.

Yolanda J: YES MAM! I love it!!! We could all use this quote as a daily reminder to never give up on our dreams!

Please tell us how YOU would like people to remember you?

What will be THE legacy you leave behind?


Alyson: I HOPE people remember me as the one who made them feel seen, heard, and valued. I pray I’m remembered as someone who gives people permission, and/or makes people feel safe enough, to become their most authentic selves. I pray my legacy is one full of gentle LOVE and EMPATHY.

Alyson, thank you again for taking your time to share your story with us. I am inspired and I’m sure others are as well. I wish you nothing but continuous blessings and success with your endeavors! Healing topics are definitely touchy and challenging, but most importantly, they are life changing. Keep doing what you’re doing! Check out Alyson’s Apple Podcast & the following social media platforms below!


Thank y’all for tuning in this year’s special series for Women’s HERstory Month. I would love for you to subscribe if you haven’t already. Twenty-two New Things has some new exciting things to release this year! Stay tuned. And always remember to Walk in Your Purpose on Purpose.

Peace and Love!

Yolanda J🧡

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