How to Bounce Back from Rejection

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5 Mantras to Help You Bounce Back When You’ve Lost Your Footing


Rejections…we’ve all faced THEM.

They come and go and more often than none, they dEcReAsE our self-esteem. They leave us with a mix of un+pleasant emotions as we feel depressed, broken, hopeless, DISCOURAGED, and unwanted. They can also give us this false sense of security that causes us to believe these lies that we often tell ourselves…” I’ll never get this”, “I’m not “good” enough”, “Maybe THIS isn’t for me”, “What did I do WRONG.

The truth of the matter is that rejection after rejection can be hard to accept… especially if something we really wanted didn’t go as planned. POINT BLANK, they suck! I know because I’ve experienced them MANY MANY times. You hear me!!! School. WORK. AND in RELATION+ships.

Just a few months ago, I RECEIVED a letter hoping to see Congratulations Yolanda, you’ve been ACCEPTED but instead YA’LL.. it was just the complete opposite. The moment I read, “Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the committee has declined to offer you a position”, Mannnn..I was crushed! I thought, ” Damn, after all of the hard work and dedication that I PUT into THIS application. This felt like a HUGE loss.

I immediately I started DOUBTING myself & literally moped around FOR HOURS! Finally, I was ABLE to pull myself out of THE PIT. I grabbed my bible and meditated on a few uplifting bible verses. “This rejection doesn’t mean never,” I said., it just means NOT. RIGHT. NOW.” I told myself.

Today, I can say I feel more at peace with the committee’s decision & I realized that this temporary disappointment was simply just a set up for something…… YA’LL KNOW WHAT I’M BOUT TO SAY. .


I made a commitment to THY-self that I was going to stay focus on the light and keep BELIEVING. KEEP TRUSTING & “KEEP Looking up,” my grama always says, trusting that ONEDAY I’ll get the congratulatory letter that I was hoping for.


“The DISAPOINT+ment is only temporary. It’s a set up for something BETTER.”

-Yolanda J

I KNOW the younger me would have been feeling down for days chile and EVEN weeks especially when I decide to be really critical of myself. NOW, the older I get, the more I realized rejection is becoming easier & easier to handle. Mainly now because I understand that even though rejection deflates my EGO, it’s still a part of God’s PERFECT PLAN for my life.

Ya’ll.. I’m so thankful for growth! Fast FORWARD to two months later after putting my faith to work, I finally got the YES that I’ve been praying for. You see, God had a plan all along and it was so much better than I hoped & IMAGINED.

I wanted to share my story today to help you realize that ((every)) opportunity rather it’s school, work, or relationship, may not be meant for you no matter how much you “think” it was meant for you. Yes, it’s OKAY to feel discouraged and bro||ken when you get rejected from the things you wanted THE MOST, all I’m saying is… you have to give yourself pep talks to help channel your focus to a positive FREQUENCY. After all, you’ll realize that rejection is |simply a blessing in disguise|. It’s reminding you to make time for SELF-REFLECTION and RE+CONNECT with YOUR Higher SELF.

So HERE are some mantras that helped me BEGIN to OVER|COME NOT YETS


5 Mantras to Deal with Rejection and Overcome It

  1. I ACCEPT the reality and allow MYSELF to feel & process the “sting” of rejection. It hurts but I understand that this is not the end for ME.

2. I WILL LOOK at rejection as an opportunity to grow and improve in every area of my life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Truth is, there is always room for my self improvement.

3. I WILL REMEMBER that rejection is a part of my journey to success. My story will help someone else who needs it as a motivation to keep going.

4. I WILL USE REJECTION as a motivation to go harder and prove to myself that I can rise up from defeat. I CAN & I WILL.

5. I WILL NOT ALLOW the rejection to CHANGE the way I SEE MYSELF. Because honestly there’s nothing wrong with ME. I CAN let go of the lies that I believe about myself. I AM still WORTHY of the things that I desire.

So ladies and gents, Go EASY on yourself … CATCH that negative self -talk, BE HONEST with it. AND MAKE PEACE.

WALK in YO|UR Purpose QUEENS & KINGS O|N Purpose 👑

PEACE. ✌🏾🕊☮️

Yolanda J🧡

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