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How to Keep Showing Up Even When It’s Hard

“KEEP SHOWING UP”, a phrase that we ALL are too familiar with. More often than none we are told to “keep showing UP”, when we feel tired, overwhelmed, under appreciated and OVERLOOKED. But no one teaches us how to keep showing up even in our fragile moments of vulnerability. I think I speak for everyone

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Inspiring Movies to Watch in Honor of Black History Month

As Black History Month continues to be observed across the nation, let’s take a look at FIVE [T][R][E][N][D][I][N][G] documentaries and movies that currently depict stories of African Americans and their EXPERIENCES. And… if you’re LOOKING for ways to celebrate black history & ALSO plan on EXPANDING your KNOWLEDGE of black history, then this post is for

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Inspiring Books to Read in Honor of Black History Month

Hey PEEPS I AM BACK..& R-E-A-D-Y to celebrate Black History Month. A month where we can shed some LIGHT on our EXPERIENCES and ALSO the many things WE have accomplished throughout history. So.. I thought it was time we HIGHLIGHT some books written by black authors. SEVEN books TO BE EXACT. The books I CHOSE, range

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