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Your struggles can make or break you. How you choose to look at them is major key!
Don’t forget to take care of you. Seek what makes you happy and pursue it!
Yes I know it’s scary and I know it makes you uncomfortable, but just have a little faith. It will work out eventually. It always does!
Worrying does not change your situation, in fact it just makes it worse. It is the enemy that steals your joy and peace! So do yourself a favor sis… give God your problems and choose to live in joy and peace!
Pray. Believe. Never Give Up.


It’s time to hold yourself accountable…NO MORE EXCUSES!
Because it’s worth it!
Don’t talk yourself out of chasing your dreams.
Don’t be afraid to shine your light queens and kings! 👑✨


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Learn to look at things differently.
Life will always be full of challenges but you gotta KEEP GOING and train your mind to be stronger than your feelings. You got this sis! 💪🏽💞
We naturally gravitate towards what makes us comfortable because it provides a sense of security. But you will never know how great you are until you STRETCH YOURSELF TO NEW HEIGHTS (make new connections, try something new, etc.). Greatness is definitely on the other side of fear!
Use what you have and trust God to multiply!
2020 is around the corner! If you haven’t already, NOW is definitely the perfect time to start working towards your goals/resolutions so that you can experience your best fulfilling year ever! ✨
Striving to be perfect is the recipe for stress, headache, and disappointment. It definitely becomes draining over time. But when we are striving for progress, we are more productive and our goals are more attainable. PROGRESSION is KEY! ✨
A new place won’t solve your problems but a new mindset will allow you to have a new perspective that will eventually lead to new results.  MINDSET MATTERS
I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Maybe you’re waiting for that phone call that could change your life, a better job offer, an acceptance letter from school, your future husband/wife. Whatever it is…EMBRACE the wait and use the free time to prepare for the things that you are waiting for. NOW is the perfect time to learn more about you, find a new hobby, read a new book, search for volunteer opportunities and the list goes on but whatever you do, make the most of your wait. You never know what’s coming ahead for you!
Life is an ongoing learning experience. Sometimes we have to go through certain situations to be molded into the person that we are suppose to be (even if that means repeating lessons until we learn it).
But HE always has a PURPOSE for it.
Sometimes you have to de clutter your mind and lose connections with certain people, things, and situations. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.
Because you can’t afford to lose focus on what really matters. 🌟 


Great things are in store for you. Don’t give up!