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The Only Way to Go Is Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s BE HONEST.. Life is full of challenges, and we ALL tend to RESPOND and SEE them differently. Scenario 1: Maybe you’ve recently been affected by the pandemic outbreak, and just lost a significant amount of income. You are NOW struggling to make ends meet. Scenario 2: You could be coping with the loss of

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If You’re Quarantined, Here’s What To Do

Reading Time: 5 minutes You had to CHANGE your birthday plans. You’ve been BINGE eating on all the quarantine snacks. You had to POSTPONE your upcoming beach trip. You had to FIND a baby sitter. Your spinning and Zumba classes are currently CANCELLED . Your job is SHUT DOWN for two weeks. Your favorite sport to WATCH is cancelled.

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Allow Yourself To Heal Before Jumping Into A New Relationship

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve all heard the saying, “Time HEALS all wounds”. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… sometimes time really doesn’t heal all wounds. Mainly because everyone has their own unique way of healing. Dealing with a break up is NEVER easy and I get it. You want to fight your emotions and

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