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The Only Way to Go Is Up

Let’s BE HONEST.. Life is full of challenges, and we ALL tend to RESPOND and SEE them differently. Scenario 1: Maybe you’ve recently been affected by the pandemic outbreak, and just lost a significant amount of income. You are NOW struggling to make ends meet. Scenario 2: You could be coping with the loss of

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If You’re Quarantined, Here’s What To Do

You had to CHANGE your birthday plans. You’ve been BINGE eating on all the quarantine snacks. You had to POSTPONE your upcoming beach trip. You had to FIND a baby sitter. Your spinning and Zumba classes are currently CANCELLED . Your job is SHUT DOWN for two weeks. Your favorite sport to WATCH is cancelled.

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Allow Yourself To Heal Before Jumping Into A New Relationship

We’ve all heard the saying, “Time HEALS all wounds”. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… sometimes time really doesn’t heal all wounds. Mainly because everyone has their own unique way of healing. Dealing with a break up is NEVER easy and I get it. You want to fight your emotions and

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